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Understanding a New Home Sales ContractBuying a brand-new home can mean a lot of different things — an opportunity to get the home you really want, a dream come true, an investment for the future, an achievement to be proud of. It is also a legal transaction that should never be done without a detailed written contract! The first rule of homebuying is to get it in writing! A contract, or Agreement of Purchase and Sale, as it is often referred to, spells out the terms between you and your builder — who, what, how, when and how much. It also sets out the rights, restrictions and obligations for each party. Without a detailed contract, there may be no reference point in case of a misunderstanding or disagreement between you and your builder. It may be impossible to prove what was agreed to, and difficult to enforce any arrangement or promise that’s not written down. Unlike resale transactions, there is no standard form of Agreement of Purchase and Sale for buying a new home. In some areas, builders may adapt model contracts prepared by their local home builders’ association or their new home warranty provider. Often, though, builders prepare their own agreements and require that you use those forms. As a result, new home contracts can vary considerably from one builder to another. Typically, a contract will contain information that’s specific to you, the purchaser, and the home you are buying, as well as general information outlining the builder’s practices, limitations, disclaimers and warranty. This fact…

Tarion Home WarrantyA new home may also be the most significant purchase you ever make. In addition to the financial commitment, there are a number of lifestyle and home design options you may need to consider.   That’s why it’s so important to do your homework and gather as much information as possible about your potential new home before you sign the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.   To help prepare you for your purchase, we’ve created Top Ten Tips for New Home Buyers. It’s a step-by-step list that provides research ideas, financial and legal resources, as well as practical maintenance advice. Together these tips will go a long way to ensuring that you’re very happy with your new home. Tarion provides important protection before and after your new home purchase When you buy a new home or condominium in Ontario, you enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive builder warranty.   To learn more about this warranty, you can preview or print a copy of our concise, easy-to-read brochure entitled “Warranty Coverage for New Homes in Ontario“.    Your new home warranty begins before you even move in. Once you provide the down payment for your new home, it’s protected. You also have a right to compensation if your builder delays the closing of the sale without giving you proper notice. See Understanding Deposit Protection and Understanding Delayed Closings and Occupancies to learn more.   Before you take possession of your new home or condominium, your builder will walk you through…

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The Government of Ontario has deemed Real Estate Brokerage Services an Essential Service. Many people must sell or buy a home during this time for a number of reasons. As such we continue to operate as an Essential Business.  

While I feel staying at home and conducting any business from home when possible is the best advice during this time, we are following health and safety protocols that all essential services are being asked to comply with.

I am still available to service clients and our main office (while not open to the public) remains staffed and open to continue to facilitate transactions.

Main Office: 4573 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, Ontario N8W 1K6

We must all do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Many of our services can be conducted virtually. Some of the many tools we have available to us include:

Virtual Tours with Floor Plans of Homes

Digital Lock Boxes that ensure only authorized people enter the home.

Digital Signatures for both Listing Agreements, Offers and any other required documents.

Etransfer for deposits

Home Inspectors can provide a pre-home inspection which can assist in limiting in person interaction with a home and provide buyers added security when making an offer

Virtual Showings and Meetings via Zoom and other media applications

Where a showing is required we have all parties that go through a house sign an ackowledgment confirming they are showing no covid19 symptoms and have not travelled outside of country in last 14 days. Social distancing, sanitizing hands and limiting number of people allowed in a house is also observed.